Example of critical essay

Critical essay: example

Commercial consumption in Latin America Question of culture?

In the eyes of any person, a commercial does not have anything bad, it is simply the way the manufacturers send their new product information.

However, behind that façade of collaboration and nobility, there is a whole emporium and a host of minds working according to a single goal: to sell.

To achieve this, they need each person who poses in front of a television, a cinema screen, a billboard or even tuned to a radio station, hear or see something that stimulates them, from a pen to a computer, from a lipstick to the last truck of the year; and of course, each of these items has the duty to appear completely necessary.

In such a way the subject who receives the information, will understand that he can not spend a second more of his life without said artifact or object and, logically, will go to buy it.

This is how the culture of Latin America is deeply marked and influenced by the media, specifically by television. The majority of Latino households own a television.

Thus we are constantly bombarded by the immense telecommunications industry, an industry that day after day transmits its message of love and understanding with such profound seriousness that it even causes us pain and guilt to think that we could have changed the mark of a product by the other.

García Canclini (1985) quoted by Martín-Barbero tells us, referring to the study of cultural consumption in Latin America that, “it is not only a matter of measuring the distance between the messages and their effects, but of constructing an integral analysis of consumption, understood as the set of social processes of appropriation of products “(p. 12).

And this is clearly what happens, we have appropriated the products as if they were ours and as if they were completely necessary and it is precisely this that marks us and makes us excessive consumers.

Or have you not noticed that paradoxically you can not live without “light” products even if tacos continue to be part of your diet?

This is consumption and culture at the same time. Since the Spaniards arrived in America and imposed on us their way of seeing the world, Latin Americans have been completely dominable and penetrable.

This is how our culture gradually fills with new elements, incorporating nuances of other realities that seem to perfect or modernize ours and we victims and victimizers of that advertising medium, we make our culture a place where it is impossible to live without the consumption

In short, our daily life is marked by consumption even unconsciously, a consumption that at the same time governs our culture and without which we can not continue.

Consumption of brands and objects that underlie our minds thanks to the wonderful work of advertisers or creatives who, paradoxically, also incur in the acquisition of the products they promote.